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Thank you for your interest in becoming a REALTOR® member of the Plumas Association of REALTORS®. The REALTOR® trademark is one of the strongest and most recognized brands in the world. As a member of the Plumas Association of REALTORS®, the California Association of REALTORS®, and the National Association of REALTORS®, you have access to a wide array of benefits, business tools, real estate market data, educational opportunities, and discount programs designed to help you succeed in today's market.
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Plumas Association REALTORS

The price for three-way membership not including donations is currently $554 for a new member and $494 for a renewing member. These dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis.


When you join PAR as a primary new member, you will be put on a list to attend member orientation. The National Association of REALTORS® requires that you complete this new member orientation within 60 days of joining the Association (or at the next available live class.)

Secondary Members are also primary to N.A.R. and C.A.R. through another Association where their dues for both N.A.R. and C.A.R. are paid through that Association. If the primary association is in a different state, the REALTOR® will pay CAR dues to our Association along with their Local Association Dues.

You may join PAR as a secondary member for $125 per year. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis. Out of area brokers who employ primary members of the Plumas Association of REALTORS are required to join as secondary members.

The Real Estate Services category consists of numerous real estate related affiliate organizations. These organizations provide services that can help you with lending, escrow, home warranty, insurance, and many other quality service programs.  Affiliates are valued for their dedication, hard work, service, member focus, and generous support of every facet of the real estate industry.  Affiliates receive the same privileges as REALTOR® members, but with limitations to the Multiple Listing Service ("MLS"), elections, and certain committees. 

Affiliate membership is $125 per year. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis.

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PlumasMLS – Only Subscription

The Plumas Association of REALTORS® (``Association``) and Multiple Listing Service (``MLS``) is operated as one organization, and is governed by the Board of Directors of the Association. The Multiple Listing Service is a means by which authorized MLS Broker Participants establish legal relationships with other Participants by making a blanket unilateral contractual offer of compensation and cooperation to other Broker Participants. You must hold a valid California Real Estate license in order to access the MLS. You must also read and follow the MLS Policy and MLS Rules and Regulations.

MLS Fees
Brokers must join if an agent joins, and there is a one-time New Office Set-up fee of $500. Agents/brokers must also each pay a $85 annual fee (assessed in January) and $62 monthly subscription fees and a one-time processing fee of $30. The processing fee is waived if the subscriber or participant is also joining the Association. The fees are not pro-rated. Initial MLS fees are paid by the participant/subscriber, and are billed monthly thereafter to the Broker Subscriber.
Appraisers who hold a valid California Appraiser certification or license may subscribe to the MLS by paying a $100 setup fee, an $85 annual fee (assessed in January) and $52 monthly fees.
Clerical Users
You are an unlicensed assistant or administrator that needs access to the MLS to assist a sales agent and perform only administrative and clerical tasks that do not require a real estate license or an appraiser's certificate or license. There is currently no charge for clerical users, but you must register with the Clerical User form: There is a reactivation fee of $150 charged to any MLS subscriber who ends their subscription and rejoins within a calendar year.
Lockbox System
Access to the Sentrilock/Sentrismart Bluetooth Lockbox system is included with MLS fees if the participant requests it. There is also Affiliate lockbox access available to home inspectors/pest inspectors if you join as an Affiliate member. You must sign the following User Agreement Lockboxes are available for sale for $75 (used) or $110 (new) per box. You may resell your boxes to the MLS for $50 per box.
RETS Feed Vendors
Requests for RETS feeds should come from vendors (not participants) who must fill out the following Content License Agreement. There is a new set-up fee of $300 for new RETS feeds, and an $100 annual fee (assessed in January) that is not pro-rated. RETS feeds for vendors with new clients (but existing credentials) must also pay a $100 new client set-up fee and the required paperwork.